​​​​​​​​What We Do: 

Companies often replace their technology and endorse a “Reuse to Reduce” strategy prior to destroying assets and recovering commodities. 
Our team at US E-Cyclers Inc. partners with companies of various industries, Schools, ,hospitals and other educational institutions to help them resell their products and recover asset values. The operation of Asset-Recovery is a free service and the profits are shared. If the product is not reusable we pay for those if they have scrap value. There are products that we may charge . 

Understand the process: 

E-waste products are technology that have reached the end of its lifespan: computers, printers, cell phones, etc. that are no longer functioning (check out the "Our Services" tab in the task bar to see a list of e-waste products we accept).

​If you would like to understand more about how we handle your assets, feel free to call us with the number listed in the Contact Us tab.