Understand the process: 

E-waste products are technology that have reached the end of its lifespan: computers, printers, cell phones, etc. that are no longer functioning (check out the "Our Services" tab in the task bar to see a list of e-waste products we accept). These products can be recycled and refurbished—giving new life to old tech. 

​If you would like to understand more about how we handle your assets, feel free to call us with the number listed in the Contact Us tab. 



What We Do: 

Companies often replace their technology and endorse a “Reuse to Reduce” strategy prior to destroying assets and recovering commodities.   These companies also release a wide variety of property that qualifies for redistribution and resale. 

Our team at Universal Tech Trade partners with these companies to help them resell their products and recover asset values.  The operation of Asset-Recovery is a free service and the profits are shared.

We'll handle your asset management process and will assist your company in recovering costs from your used equipment before it loses its value. Used equipment is re-marketed through a variety of channels including online stores  and a network of resellers/brokers.