Data Destruction

Computers and servers with old hard drives are potential legal and financial liabilities for ALL businesses. ID theft, tax fraud, regulatory violations… the list of threats is long. We provide on-site and Off-Site Data Destruction.

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 We Provide Services for Data Destruction and Asset Recovery

We Recover Value of Equipment and Share Profits with our clients.

Companies  frequently replace their technology assets and endorse “Reuse to Reduce” strategies prior to destroying the assets and recovering their commodities.   Additionally they release a wide variety of “Property” that qualifies for redistribution and resale

Universal Tech Trade Partners with companies that want to resell there products and recover asset values.  The operation of Asset-Recovery is a free service and the profits are shared 

Universal Tech Trade also works with leasing company to achieve and recover Asset Value

Our Specialists will handle your asset management process.  We will assist your company in recovering costs from your used equipment before it loses its value.  Used equipment is re-marketed through a variety of channels including online stores  and a network of resellers/brokers.